Thom Hudson Corporation, a New York-based business, was created by a group of industry professionals who hold an extensive history of suiting throughout the U.S and Australia. Thom Hudson's product design conveys an absolute awareness of our consumer's personal style, our team travels widely in order to deliver premium quality and classic designs which are also concurrent with market trends.

Thom Hudson Corporation is also the official licensee of Daniel Hechter, Paris. Sleek, sophisticated and contemporary, infused with that easy elegance and savoir-faire that Parisians are renowned for, Daniel Hechter is a sophisticated and savvy fashion brand.

Thom Hudson is more than a family name derivation, it is a homage to the father of Thom Hudson’s Chairman, who has given over 65 years of his life to this industry. At the age of 82, he still fills an important role within his business whilst travelling the world sourcing woollen fabrics from the best mills in Italy, Spain, Turkey, Mexico and China. It is this legacy which inspires the team at Thom Hudson to provide a stylish and high quality range season after season.